Food and Dining
At Samed Tropical Resort, we host you at our restaurant and bar which offer you variety of food and beverages throughout the day. Starting with our dining selection, we have Breakfast on the beach every morning for our guests to enjoy delicious food during the first light of the day. You can enjoy your meals either inside or by the beach to be closer to the white sand and the sea breeze.
on the Beach
Start your day right with delicious breakfast our resort handpicked for you both in quality and nutrition. Enjoy the soft sunlight bouncing off the sea, have breakfast with light sea breeze underneath the shadows of the tree – an atmosphere to refresh and start your vacation days.
Flamingo Bar
and Restaurant
What is more refreshing than to drink iced cold beverages in the hot sun? Flamingo Bar & Restaurant offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic under the summer sun concept of bright flamingos which translates into signature tropical drinks from all kinds of fresh tropical fruits. We also offer a wide selection of wine to pair with our delicious signature menu of Thai food, international cuisine and fresh seafood. Every Friday & Saturday evening, the restaurant offers a seafood BBQ option for an even more special evening. Enjoy your meals and drinks at our Flamingo Bar & Restaurant – open hours 11:00 – 22:00
Check In Adults
Check In Adults
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